We envision anybody in the world having access to the fundamental principles of success. 

Designed for people eager to advance their careers.

SkillGP is not for everybody. Self-improvement requires constant determination, discipline, and willpower to change the habits needed to get on a track to success.

SkillGP was born from the need for a checklist to identify people’s weaknesses and strengths, improving and demonstrating their skills proficiency. Today, SkillGP has become a tool to learn, evaluate, train, adapt, and demonstrate people’s understanding of the fundamental skills to overcome today’s and tomorrow’s greatest challenges.

Where does SkillGP come from? This compilation of timeless principles has roots in years of research, analysis, and simplification of best sellers and online publications from recognized authorities on soft skills, core principles, and analytical and competence skills.

How do we approach integral development? SkillGP offers a life-long plan of continuous improvement by presenting the building blocks for success. Taken from people who had achieved great success, these principles interlock aptitude, knowledge, and skills with creating of opportunities to achieve greater things in life.

How does SkillGP define your behavior? SkillGP does not define your behavior. The General Principles in the assessments target to identify the temporary gaps in your skills so you can pay special attention to them, following a natural path to success.

What do the results of my assessments mean? SkillGP was developed by Edison Guerra Perez as an application of Socratic education methodology, using questions to examine student’s values, principles, and beliefs.

It is essential to understand that your score is different from other individuals who previously complete SkillGP Assessments. Your score is based on the ideal behavior of applying best practices at all times. To obtain valid and quality results, you, as a tester, must respond honestly to each assessment. It does not matter if you like the answer or not. In turn, the results will represent a reliable description of your skills.

Is SkillGP an online education site? No courses, no evaluations, just a self-assessment of timeless principles, knowledge, and practices.

  • The principles in SkillGP are relevant to people of all levels.
  • Our disposition to change, adapt, and improve mark our chances to achieve our goals
  • Your results reflect your unique personality and capabilities, letting you the option to change or promote your current behavior.
  • The principles in SkillGP are context-specific, letting you adapt and decide on the best practice and behavior.

SkillGP offers a simplified collection of timeless principles in a logical and progressive process that starts with general principles of interpersonal skills, core competencies, and analytical skills.

To get the best out of SkillGP, we recommend following the order of the provided topics, working on your priorities, and re-assessing your behaviors and habits frequently.

Keep in mind that there are no right or wrong answers, only the awareness of clear goals and directions with the tools to achieve them. Your personalized report is not a measure of personality or its balance. It intends to help you identify what can be improved – a checklist to monitor your improvements and accomplishments.

What is SkillGP’s social contribution? SkillGP is committed to improving the generations to come by gathering essential information on skills needed for a better future and presenting it in the form of questions to enhance its value. By empowering them with irrefutable proof of knowledge, SkillGP provides the tools for driving individuals to reach their career goals.

When you take one of our quizzes, you are given a step forward to authenticating your knowledge of fundamental principles, essential for a successful career. SkillGP is a tool that helps managers, co-workers, or classmates identify your potential impact on an organization.  Furthermore, by contributing to your awareness of crucial topics and improving the content of the quizzes, you will be perceived as a person of knowledge, enhancing your career opportunities.

How can I contribute? SkillGP recognizes the millions of brilliant minds eager to share their knowledge and help to educate others. By emailing us new facts, statements, and principles on relevant topics, contributors enhance a pool of knowledge for others to authenticate what they know and to have access to the fundamental principles of success. 

To our next generation

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