Reinforce your employee’s most critical skills with SkillGP Business

Prioritizing skills development in an organization increases competitiveness, innovation, and problem-solving.

Many leaders and managers struggle to identify a road map to tailor their team skills. Moreover, the new reality brought by the pandemic has increased awareness of the need for people with good soft skills, ways to improve competitiveness and talent retention. For this reason, strategic companies are investing in talent development, making their workforce more resilient.

Transferable skills are the building blocks of business and technology development. Companies achieving high competency in their domains, command their future by continuously preparing their people.

SkillGP offers customizable skills assessments for teams to master critical skills. Furthermore, companies can request to tailor existing SkillGP assessments or create new assessments to continuously reinforce their teams on their chosen principles and best practices.

How it works

Your team members will have easy access to your SkillGP account, including current, future, and tailor-made assessments containing the best practice your company hopes for. While it only takes less than 8 minutes to review an assessment, the principles remain in people’s minds, ready to be used when the right situation arrives. Your team will have the collaboration and problem-solving tools to obtain the best outcome in their everyday job challenges. Furthermore, SkillGP is an excellent tool for supporting managerial performance reviews and providing guidance for skill improvement.

Whether you use SkillGP to reinforce team training, educate new hires, or strengthen the culture in your organization, SkillGP for teams is focused on your objective. With only a few minutes daily, your team skills and your organization’s efficiency and productivity will improve.

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