About SkillGP

SkillGP offers a simplified collection of timeless principles in a logical and progressive process, starting with general principles of interpersonal, core, and analytical skills. It is designed to help you find your skills gap and improve upon them.

This tool covers fundamental skills and critical knowledge professionals should have to work efficiently in a progressive organization. In other words, if you want to advance your career or take your team to the next level, SkillGP is the single tool you need.


SkillGP is designed for self-motivators and learners eager to advance their careers. It is not for everybody, as self-improvement requires constant determination, discipline, and willpower to change habits and get on track to success.

SkillGP users improve their skills by increasing their awareness of their current skill levels, setting clear goals, and harvesting good habits.  Furthermore, users take control of their careers by adapting their everyday Interpersonal, Core, and Analytical skills to match what is needed for a successful career. 


Developing a deep understanding of your skills is the first step to conquering obstacles and achieving new and challenging goals.

You will:

  • Identify your skill gap.
  • Record the habits that you need to improve.
  • Build a comprehensive collection of skills to be utilized in a strategic plan to achieve your goals.
  • Get recognition for every skill section completed.
  • Obtain a certification of completion after taking all required SkillGP Assessments.
  • Furthermore, you will be associated with a Transformation ID allowing quick access to your achievements in SkillGP.


How to use SkillGP

  • Sign Up 
  • Take your first SkillGP Assessment.
  • Use the SkillGP Tracker to build your personalized skills improvement plan. This tool references skill development content, subject-matter experts, courses, coaches, and more.
  • You will receive a certification of completion for each group of skills.
  • Use your Transformation ID in your resume, profiles, and social media, and let people find your achievement on the SkillGP Board.

After you know your skill levels, you may find it helpful to discuss the results with your manager, a coach, or a friend to receive quality feedback and increase accountability. Furthermore, you may request to be evaluated utilizing SkillGP assessments.


Taking SkillGP’s assessments is just the beginning. If you find out that your assessments are exciting and want to improve upon your findings, you may want to explore some of our resources. Remember, a knowledgeable and skillful person is the single largest asset a company may have.

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