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SkillGP is where people come to improve and take advantage of the offering from our partner advertising companies.  Your ad will display among people looking for the specific solution your product or service can offer, so it is efficient and cost-effective.

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You don’t have to break the bank to start advertising on SkillGP. Your banner will appeal to your target audience and be promoted in the assessment(s) of your preference, positioning you or your organization as an expert, reliable resource.

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3 easy steps to advertise in SkillGP

  1. Chose the assessment(s) where your banner(s) will be displayed.
  2. Provide your banner or contact our design team – Learn more.
  3. Get Approved and published.

Ad Quality

A low-quality ad, such as too much text in the image, withholding information, sensationalized language, and engagement habits, influences the opportunity of the ad to be renewed in the specific assessment content. In other words, more relevant ads often maintain their place and see more results.


SkillGP will display your banner in the chosen assessment for six (6) consecutive months and auto-renew afterward or until its cancellation by either party at any time. The number and location of the ad are subject to availability.


By advertising your business in SkillGP, you are supporting our mission of providing our tools and services at low or no cost to those with not enough resources but eager to improve themselves.

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