Business Development Contract and interview.

SkillGP Telephone Interview 

SkillGP CEO Edison Guerra will telephone you using the contact telephone number that you have provided. The 1st telephone conference is purely exploratory and will enable you and Mr. Guerra to ascertain how strong the synergy is likely between you and SkillGP. 

Your Unique Proposition (UP) will decide whether your application is considered for further consideration. He will have reviewed your profile, website, and resume before speaking with you. It is also an opportunity for you to clarify your understanding and interpretation of the information provided, so please feel free to ask Mr. Guerra any questions you may have.

The time allocated for this appointment is 15 minutes, but if it becomes clear that there is synergy, then Mr. Guerra will arrange another meeting with you, so you need not worry about running out of time. Furthermore, you can always forward any further questions that you may have.

Accredited SkillGP Business Developer

SkillGP Business Developer can earn between $50,000 and $200,000 annually plus a 5% year performance bonus. Our Business contract averages $2,976 per client, and Champion receive 70% of their transaction. 

SkillGP charges an annual service fee of $950.00. In addition, SkillGP also charges Business Developers a 10% service fee on all assignments generated through SkillGP, together with a 10% introductory or referral fee, usually payable to an introducing Consultant.

SkillGP Business Developer success is therefore directly aligned to the individual success of its performance and personal development. Therefore, the potential financial risk is negligible, enabling you to experience SkillGP for yourself while continuing to service your current employment or consultancy commitments. You can then gradually transfer more of your time to SkillGP Development, as and when you feel comfortable doing so, at your own pace and when you already have an established portfolio of clients.

SkillGP business model provides Accredited Business Developers with the opportunity to establish a viable and sustainable independent practice without having to make any significant investment or incur any risk. SkillGP is responsible for product management, invoicing, credit control, quality management, and service improvement.