Do not sell my personal information

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) aims to provide California residents a host of new rights, among them the ability to prevent companies from “selling” their personal information.

“Selling” data and what it means

A common understanding of “selling” information is that it involves a company taking information it has learned about you and exchanging that information with an unrelated third party for money, who will then use that data for a new purpose that you did not intend. SkillGP never does this with your information. 

We use our users’ information to improve our site and provide prove of their assessment completion. However, the CCPA has a much broader definition of “sell” than this. Indeed strives to live up to the law, and your wishes, as it relates to this right.

What SkillGP does that may fall under this definition

This list is not meant to be exclusive but shows examples of what our products do.  We say “may” fall under the definition of “selling” data because the CCPA is new and these issues are not yet resolved.

  • We recommend displaying your name and SkillGP ID on the SkillGP Board for employers, recruiters, and others to find it.
  • We allow third-party cookies to help improve our performance and to optimize our online advertising.
  • We share data with our affiliates as described in our Service Agreement.

What SkillGP does not do

  • We don’t sell data to data brokers.
  • We don’t exchange information about you with a third party for money.

Opting out of data “selling”

A request to not “sell” or “transfer” your information prohibits us from providing our services to you. In order to opt out, you can request that we delete your account and personal data.

Click here to contact us.

  • By submitting this request, you are declaring that you are a California resident taking advantage of your rights under CCPA. Once your data is deleted, SkillGP will be unable to transfer, publish, or share any of your work done in SkillGP

Frequently asked questions

Why am I being asked to delete data and my account?

How we transfer data is integral to our core products and services that help people to improve their skills and to be found by interested parties. At this time, we are not able to provide our core products and services without these transfers. However, you can still use SkillGP to assess your skills.

Can I still use SkillGP after deleting my account?

If you submit the request to opt out and delete your account, you will still be able to access some of the services we offer on our site that do not require us to collect and transfer your email address. You may always register a new account, but you will be required to use a different email address.

Is it possible these practices will change?

SkillGP is carefully watching the State of California and its Attorney General for any new interpretations of the CCPA. If we feel it is proper to transfer the user data as our products are designed to do, we will revisit this issue. Our mission remains to help you to improve the manner that you wish.