Effective Communication (Voice)

  1. I try to approach others with an open mind, respecting their views even when I disagree.

2.  I focus on listening and understanding what others are trying to communicate.

3. I encourage others to provide feedback about my ideas, receiving their comments with an open mind.

4. I avoided giving my opinion or advice when not requested or unwanted.

5. I pay attention to how the other person reacts to my communication style, tone of voice, and expressions.

6. I practice active listening: paying attention to what the other person is saying, asking clarifying questions, and rephrasing to ensure overall understanding.

7.  I continually try to develop trust and rapport by being straightforward and finding common ground.

8. I do not attempt to anticipate others’ answers and responses before the other person finishes their thoughts.

9. I frequently ask clarifying questions to ensure I understand what others are trying to communicate.

10. I answer close questions with a YES or NO answer, followed by a short pause and an explanation.

11. I always consider the other person’s emotions and feelings before, during, and after a conversation.

12. I always consider how current circumstances could affect the other person’s response to my questions or request.

13. I maintain an open posture and use a friendly tone of voice to remain approachable.

14. Nonverbal communication consists of

 Eyes contact

 Body language

 Hand gestures

 and Tone of voice.

15. I pay attention to what I communicate with my silence and omissions.

16. I maintain eye contact during a conversation showing my interest and attention.

17. I believe in what I say and communicate with conviction without sounding arrogant or aggressive.

18. I strive to be an assertive communicator, making others feel comfortable talking with me. 

19. I strive to connect with the other person by mirroring and matching mannerisms.

20. I always consider the facts versus opinions before sharing my thoughts.