We are looking for professionals like you give tune to some of our Soft Skills Assessments while advertising their products or service. You will be presented as an expert contributor by displaying your core principles, at the same time you promote your book, services, or other products

This is what process looks like:

1. The prospect starts by reviewing and choosing one or more assessment test from QuizGP that potentially can be improved by adding, or/and changing its content.

2. We schedule a 15 minutes phone conversation to understand the prospect proposition.

3. After becoming a sponsor/author, the new material is reviewed and validated. Furthermore, the sponsor is recognized as an author on all the material he/she submits.

4. If the changes are more than 50% of the quiz (½ of the assessments), the author’s information will be on the top banner. Also, the author will be recognized in the contributor section and mentioned on our soon to publish QuizGP’s newsletter with links to the author’s website. If the contribution is less than 50%, the author still will have a banner among the assessments and be cited on all her/his material. Note: All the material posted become property of QuizGP. However, the author always will be recognized as the author of all his/her contributions.

5. We are planning to perform evaluations every 12 months. The sponsorship position becomes open for a week and other experts are welcome to inquire about the sponsorship. If no person complies with the about criteria, the current author maintains the sponsorship position.

6. Furthermore, the author can purchase additional banners in the quiz of her/his choice for half of the price.