Where QuizGP come from? This compilation of timeless principles has roots in years of research, analysis, and simplification of best sellers and online publications from recognized authorities on the topics of soft skills, core principles, and analytical skills.

How we approach integral development? Many works had been done on dissecting the characteristics of great leaders and successful pioneers. QuizGP presents these elements as building blocks, interlocking the principles of success to conquer life challenges, while maintaining the right mindset.

How QuizGP define your behavior? QuizGP does not define your behavior. The General Principles in the assessments target to identify the temporary gaps in your skills, so you can pay special attention to them following a natural path to success.

Is QuizGP an online education site? No courses, no evaluations, just a self-assessment of own timeless principles knowledge and practices.

  • The principles in QuizGP are relevant to people of all levels.
  • Our disposition to change, adapt, and improve mark our chances to achieve our goals
  • Your results reflect your unique personality and capabilities, letting you the option to change or promote your current behavior.
  • The principles are context-specific, letting you adapt and decide on the best practice and behavior.

QuizGP offers you a simplified collection of timeless principles in a logical and progressive process that starts with general principles of interpersonal skills, core competencies, and analytical skills.

To get the best of QuizGP we recommend following the order of the provided topics, work on your priorities, and re-assess your behaviors and habits frequently.

Keep in mind that there are no right or wrong answers, only the awareness of clear goals and directions with the tools to achieve them. Your personalized report is not a measure of personality or its balance. It intends to help you identify what can be improved, a checklist to monitor your improvements and accomplishments.